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Taking the sound of the States global

Expedia Sound Travels Global Digital Campaign Strategy, Design and Production


“We want a ‘never been done before’ campaign”

Cool brief, right up our street. We worked alongside Expedia’s Content Partnerships team and Brand USA to conceive, prototype and then produce a global, multi-channel campaign that inspires travel to the USA through immersive 3D audio experiences. The resulting experience showed that how a destination sounds is just as important as how it looks.

3 weeks ideation, concept development and testing 6 months production

London & various locations across the USA


The challenge

Our clients, Expedia, were appointed by Brand USA, the destination marketing agency for the US, to raise awareness and interest in the US as a multi-stop destination for travellers from the UK, Australia & Mexico.

The campaign needed to tie in with the recent release of “America’s Musical Journey,” an immersive IMAX® 3D film, which was released in giant-screen theatres around the world and explores America’s history through the lens of music and sound.

The solution needed to capture attention, engage interest and allow potential visitors to research, plan and book a trip, online.


The approach

With tight timescales to meet, we bought the client and their client together to collaborate on exploring the problem and co-creating potential creative routes.

We refined the best of these into a few testable concepts, before prototyping the eventual solution.

With validated user feedback we had the confidence to scale up the concept. This involved engaging specialist partners to record binaural audio in 8 key locations across the US, animation partners, and engaging a technical team to create content-hub that reacted to the user’s choices.


The solution

“Sound Travels” launched in March 2018 with an interactive content hub, which exposed users to 3D audio of the sounds of various activities and locations waiting to be experienced in the U.S.


Our team traveled the USA recording locations and activities using binaural microphones that capture sound the same way as the human ear. The recordings were leveraged in the custom content hub, exposing users to the 3D audio content via an interactive quiz where they were asked to select different sounds based on their travel preferences. After users selected their favorite sounds, we gathered data from their choices and used it to provide recommendations on what to do and where to stay. From there, booking was a snap. Visitors could also explore photos and informative content on destinations throughout the U.S., special deals, promotions and suggested itineraries.



The outcome

700m impressions, 500k views, 160x return on ad spend.

The resulting campaign succeed in engaging the ears, hearts and wallets of our audience.

The digital campaign functioned seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices, and was live in Australia, Canada, the U.K., and Mexico. In addition to the bespoke content hub, the campaign included display media and social content in the four target regions, and co-branded TV spots in Mexico.

With sound as the focal point of the campaign, the immersive 3D audio helped inspire users and enabled them to imagine themselves in a travel experience, independent of their eyes.


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