Are you implementing an in-house agency?


I’m sure many of you have read Forrester’s recent report titled ‘Agency Holding Companies need a brave new business model

Lots of interesting points, not just the WPPs and Publicis of the world.

It highlights the growth of agency in-house teams - a increase by over 50% in the past decade.

At CreateFuture we embrace this. We’ve always believed that businesses shouldn’t outsource their core capability (or the fun!).

We wanted to work alongside in-house agencies. We do this in a number of ways:

- Adding value on the trickier, out-of-the ordinary challenges, not BAU

- A fresh, outside perspective

- Specialist skills that aren’t needed every day

- Additional brainpower and moral support only

- A shot-in-the arm when things just need a bit more energy

- Crossing the bridge between strategy and in-house production / development

- Actually co-designing how the internal teams work - how they’re structured and how they collaborate

- Helping them to think and be more agile

I’ve seen this happen before (yes, I’m that old). And usually it goes too far and then swings the other way.

I believe that this is the right model for the cost savings alone. But it’s not without its challenges which include attracting talent and overcoming a legacy of tactical execution.

Let me know your thoughts - I’d love to hear from any CMOs or Marketing Directors who are trying to make this happen.

Jessica Mullen