4.1.1 The best of May - Smells, monsters and springy things.

A tidy little summary of what I think is worth sharing from the past month. Curated using the time-tested content ratio of 4.1.1*

*not the R&B track by Mary J. Blige


The best of the Webby Awards 2018

I have been a Webby Awards judge for five years now. Personally, I think it’s the best international awards for digital. They don’t massage the egos of the big agencies: they celebrate the best, not the biggest. Which I know for a fact because when my team won one, we were unheard of and the budget was teeny tiny.

Each year I make a list of the best stuff I see when judging, not the winners. Just the ones that caught my eye. You can view my full list, squeezed down and made easy to digest. 

I hope something on the list tickles your brain, raises a smile or, hopefully, changes your mind.

The most engaging stories from this month

Design - 36 days of type


36 days of type is the annual programme to design the alphabet and numbers over 36 days. The calibre of type design is incredible. My favourite this year has to be the work of Ben Huynh, who’s animated frictionless machines were both relaxing and beautiful.

Have a look at all the best entries on their Instagram channel.

Art - Reaching boss level

I’m a gamer and the best moments in video games are when a larger than life challenge reveals itself. Some of the best games have left me breathless at those moments. Dawid Planeta captured that sense of awe, wonder and fear in his atmospheric work bright-eyed animal guides.

Have a look at Dawid Planetas work.

Technology - Creating a digital monster


"How will you like to be remembered.... as a genius who created a digital monster that is destroying our democracies and societies ?"

Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgium Prime Minister in the European Parliament, showed the world how to interview Mark Zuckerberg. He did it with a knowledge of the technology at hand, married with the bigger worldview of a philosopher. 

Business - You can smell a trademark


Ahh, the childhood memories evoked by the smell of Play-Doh. It has now been trademarked. Tiffany &Co are famous for their trademarked blue colour, but can a smell really have the same brand association? Next, trademarking the brown colour Play-Doh eventually became when squished together. 

A little about our world

Reinventing Venture Capital

blog 3.png

This month we launched a new brand for the tech-focused Venture Capital firm Draper Esprit.

Isabella Cookson, Head of Marketing and Research at Draper Esprit said: "Very excited to show off Draper Esprit new brand and website. We've re-invented Venture Capital to give European tech teams more open, long-sighted and global capital. Can't wait for phase two as we scale even further. It always takes a lot of talented people to pull this sort of thing off. So a huge thanks to the team at CreateFuture"

Check out the new brand from CreateFuture and website created by our awesome partners Primate

Puffin and Ladybird books

After two years of working with the team at Penguin Random House, we have started hanging out with their little siblings. Working on digital strategy in the broadest sense. We started this month and while we can't say much at the moment... your kids are going to love it.

Our first London Lunch and Learn

If you would like to come along to our next event, send us a note through the website.

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What's stopping you?

Dave Ward