4.1.1 June - Six tips for having better ideas, faster.

A tidy little summary of what I think is worth sharing from the past month. Curated using the time-tested content ratio of 4.1.1*

*not the R&B track by Mary J. Blige

Six tips for having better ideas, faster


My favourite stories from this month

Design - The speakeasy typeface 

I am a certified type geek, a good typeface can stop me in my tracks. And this one did.

Art - The Royal Academy summer collection

Last weekend I managed to get along to the Royal Academy summer exhibition and thought it was epic.

They packed the walls with buyable art, pieces from anyone with a pencil are placed beside a Hockney. It’s a real celebration of what is happening in art in Britain today. Oh, and curated by Grayson Perry, he is delightfully barmy.

Technology - Google publishes their AI Principles

You can’t avoid articles about AI stealing our jobs and the great robot apocalypse, I for one think humanity should chill out a little on this one. We are a fair while away from the end of days (a good piece on it). But that does mean that now is a good time to lay down some of the ethics of how to develop ai, and google have made a bold start.

Business - Trust your gut

You brain works like a “predictive processing framework”, constantly updating its models on what to predict and pinging an alert when something doesn’t match up. It’s all rather impressive and makes perfect sense, we should probably trust it more.


A little about our world

This month we have been very busy developing an MVB for a top secret project, a chat bot for another client and helping a kick ass team to set their marketing strategy. Internally, we have been in business for two years and so made time to redraft and hone our proposition. 

As part of that we have a new credentials deck, here are a few of the slides.

"We are a small, extremely experienced and nimble creative consultancy."

Working collaboratively alongside internal teams to define strategy. Using prototyping to prove our thinking, before moving into production with your teams or our partners. We move fast, really fast. Creative solutions to problems in a week, proof that the solution will work inside a month. Giving you the confidence to move into production supported by our experience in how to make it look incredible.

What's stopping you?

Gareth Anderson