Let’s bring the FUN back!


One of our principles at CreateFuture is FUN. Too many people don’t get to have fun at work. I’ve been there. And it sucks. 

It was one of the reasons for starting my own business - to have more fun. Through the freedom to shape our culture, choose our clients and projects, not to get weighed down by (other people’s) targets and to laugh every day. 

Everyone has fun in different ways and it’s not always about watching a comedy or doing something crazy like paintball (I couldn’t think of anything worse). 

Things I find fun? Bear with me on this… 

  • Trying a new restaurant, especially if it has a Michelin star

  • Exploring food markets - ideally abroad

  • Wine tastings

  • Organising my sock drawer (yes, really)

  • Playing with my nephews

  • Spending time with my oldest friends

  • Pitching

But fun doesn’t just happen. You can’t force or expect someone to have fun. 

But can you create the right conditions for it? I certainly think you can try by giving people an opportunity to; 

  • Play

  • Feel relaxed

  • Have a shared sense of purpose with those around them

  • Be good at something

  • Use their senses

  • Be themselves

  • Learn

  • Explore

  • Take risks

  • Be child like

Then hopefully the fun will come! 


How do you have fun at work? How do you encourage your team and your clients to have fun? Let me know - and please keep it clean! 

Jessica MullenComment