4.1.1 - Dave's top six stories from April

A tidy little summary of what I think is worth sharing from the past month. Curated using the time-tested social sharing ratio of 4.1.1, not the R&B track by Mary J. Blige

  • x4 curated pieces of content from my network

  • x1 original educational content

  • x1 company related, how we work and who with

As this is the first month of me creating the 4-1-1, and I would love to know what you think. My strategy is showing, is that a good thing?

What's happening at CreateFuture 

CreateFuture's work with Penguin Random House & KPMG

This month we have been at Penguin Random House helping them with their marketing personalisation strategy and approach to creating engaging email marketing. We have also been working with KPMG on defining their future UK digital strategy.

"We are a small, extremely experienced and nimble creative consultancy."

Working collaboratively alongside internal teams to define strategy. Using prototyping to prove our thinking, before moving into production with your teams or our partners. We move fast, really fast. Creative solutions to problems in a week, proof that the solution will work inside a month. Giving you the confidence to move into production supported by our experience in how to make it look incredible.

What's holding you back?

Now.. on with the show.

What wouldn't you rent?


As we move closer to a rental economy, I have started to wonder why we own things at all? You can't take it with you, the number of bins in my house is crazy and the local charity shops won't take electrical items. There has to be a smarter way.


Clothes seem like an easy one to start with. They are easily recycled and extremely driven by trend. A new service called Gwynnie Bee has arrived with the plan to get consumers renting their wardrobes rather than buying clothes. It's $199 a month for ten items, of $49 p/m for one item.

"I think I would use it. There's very little I own right now that I feel is that valuable to me that I wouldn't rent it." - Angela (Prentner) Prentner-Smith

What do you think? Would you rent your wardrobe? What about other services such as renting your iPhone directly from Apple or your Ikea furniture. What about the business you are in currently, could it move to a rental economy model?

The most engaging stories from this month


Design - Google's approach to design thinking


Using design to solve challenges inside and outside of your business is why we set up CreateFuture. So when I see a company like Google celebrating that way of thinking, it makes me feel like we are on the right path.


Art - Stunning colour from salt


Sea salt comes from natural evaporation of seawater out of artificially created ponds. The colour of the water indicates the salinity of the ponds. Tom Hegen, a graphic designer by trade, created this project. Looking at the stunning colours created by the man-made act.

Have a look at the Salt Series.


Technology - The challenges of next-generation AR


AR is now built into every new handset on the market, so we are definitely past the trough of disillusionment. A few years ago I directed a project for StarTrek, beaming up Trekkies using AR. Won some nice awards for it too. I know how tricky it can be, and reaching the next level of AR will be even tricker. The register did a great summary of the challenges and the future we will have when we overcome them.

Read the registers article on next gen AR.

Business - What the consumer really thinks of privacy


Overall consumer concerns about personal data are actually reducing, according to the latest report from the DMA. Yet consumers know that the balance is off, that brands are getting more value from the exchange. Will new models arise that tip the balance in the consumer's favour?

Brand channel - Can consumers get a piece of the profit from their data?

The DMA Feb 2018 report on consumer privacy

That's all folks

Was that valuable? Useful? Do you understand CreateFuture and how to engage us a little more? And most importantly, should I start the 4-1-1 as a monthly series?

I would love to know your thoughts.

Dave Ward